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Winner of the Grand Prix des Littératures Policières

It’s 1947, and Billie Dixon has just talked herself into a new job. As the distribution agent for Hollywood’s shoddiest movie studio, she travels to rural Arkansas peddling B-grade Westerns to poor theaters. When she meets Amberly Henshaw, the unhappy wife of a preacher on a crusade against the evils of motion pictures, she senses an immediate attraction. Billie knows it’s crazy to get involved with Amberly, but she tells herself it will just be a quick fling. Once Amberly’s fanatical husband finds out about their affair, however, Billie Dixon finds herself in a spiral of betrayal and murder…


In this feverish and twisted thriller, Jake Hinkson pays tribute to the noir novels and B-movies of the 40s and 50s. Vintage and creepy. 

Philippe Blanchet, ROLLING STONE

This book confrims his status as the worthy heir of Jim Thompson.  

Jean-Noel Levavasseur, OUEST FRANCE



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