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Saint Homicide

The other inmates call him Saint Homicide, the murderous man of god who heeded the voice of wrath when it told him to do the unthinkable.


Many consider him a fanatic. Others see him as a prophet. And some simply think he’s insane.


Here, he tells his story.

SAINT HOMICIDE is Bible-black noir, a study in the annihilating force of self-righteousness.

           Eva Dolan, author of LONG WAY HOME

A masterpiece.

           Jon Bassoff, author of FACTORY TOWN

The Big Ugly

Ellie Bennett is an ex-corrections officer who has just served a year inside Eastgate Penitentiary for assaulting a prisoner. She’s only been out for a day when she accepts a strange job offer from the head of a Christian political advocacy group. He wants her to track down a missing ex-con named Alexis. Although no one knows where Alexis has gone, it seems like everyone in Arkansas is looking for her—from a rich televangelist running for Congress to the governor’s dirty tricks man. When Bennett finds the troubled young woman, she has to decide whether to hand her over to the highest bidder or help her escape from the most powerful men in the state.


Keep an eye on Jake Hinkson. He’s taking the notion of the sacred and the profane to an entirely new level in noir.

  Lou Boxer, co-founder of NoirCon


Jake Hinkson is a master at creating, not characters, but people—and then putting them through hell.

  Steve Weddle, author of COUNTRY HARDBALL


Jake Hinkson is a thunderhead on the horizon of crime fiction…

   Jedidiah Ayres, author of PECKERWOOD

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